Meet our Members! 

Jean Pogge is the President and CEO of Ecotrust Canada. Jean joined Ecotrust Canada in 2016, she is a thought leader who has proven ability to align social mission with revenue goals.

What does Ecotrust Canada do and what is your role?

Ecotrust Canada is an enterprising nonprofit that works to build a conservation economy.  We started The Amp to build community within a coworking space and are delighted to be members at The Amp.

How do you explain "coworking" to someone who doesn't about it?

Coworking is an wonderful way to share the costs of common area needs like the kitchen within a community of purpose driven organizations and businesses.  High energy; fun and productive.


What do you love most about the Amp?

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Phone: 604-343-4590


Address: 90-425 Carrall Street

                Vancouver BC V6B 6E3 


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